Things That Make Me Smile

22 April 2008
I had an email a minute ago telling me how cute the pink monkey on my desktop is. I agree he's adorable! The reason he is there is he makes me smile. Every time I see him it just lifts my spirits, making me think of the dear friend he belongs to. So, that got me to thinking about other things that make me smile and I decided to blog about them. Today, the things that make me happy are all simple, little things but they bring me joy. I warned you I'd blog about just about anything that popped into my head, lol.

The incredibly happy expression on Tristen's little sunburned face makes me smile. My mom snapped this pic of him telling a fishing story.

Ashley doing what she loves most makes me smile. Here she is devouring Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

This is my favorite spot in the whole house. I do my morning reading and coffee drinking here in the sun room. So much in this pic makes me favorite coffee mug, my current reading, the fact that it was the first day I could comfortably wear my light weight robe, the view out the door...I just love this room and spend a lot of time in it, especially in the mornings when I'm all alone.

This is not a great pic, but I wanted to add it anyway. This is directly below the sliding glass door in the previous pic. I love bluebonnets so much and this is the only one that hasn't been mowed down.

Ashley does most of her reading out here, in this chair. I love that there are two books with the pages marked in the chair, as well as one on the love seat across the way. This also shows Dan's treasured Imagine poster, which makes me smile because it just happened to be sealed up in the Imagine lp we found at an old record store.

Finally, here is another part of the sunroom. A Bobbsey Twin book Ash is reading sits on the love seat. In the corner is Clarence. I don't know why the rubber plant is named Clarence, the friend who gave it to us just said that was it's name. I love it because I haven't managed to kill him yet, which is the fate of most of our plants.

I know this probably seems like a strange list of things that make me smile, but I am finding joy in the little things more and more everyday.

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