The Couponizer, I'm Impressed

01 May 2008
Recently, Amy Bergin, President of The Couponizer Company, sent me The Couponizer system to try out. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the system is to use and how much information is included with it. Everything you need to get started using coupons comes with it, other than the actual coupons. The system is super easy to use and does a great job of getting you all organized. It has a notepad so you can track your savings, which I really like. And comes with a coupon sorting mat, which makes the whole ordeal of clipping and sorting a lot easier.

I shopped with The Couponizer for a week and was very pleased with it's performance. But, I decided to let a complete coupon beginner try it out, to see how easy it would be for a newbie to use. My mother took it for a week and was also thrilled! I've been trying to teach her how to enjoy the benefits of shopping with coupons for ages, but she said it was too hard to get started. Her first trip out with this system she saw savings. I was so excited!

So, if you are a "coupon newbie" or just haven't found a coupon organization system that you're comfortable with, I urge you to check out The Couponizer. The website explains the system much better than I can and has lots of helpful info on it. I truly wish I'd known about this system when I first started couponing. Not only would it have saved me lots of aggravation as I searched for a system that I liked, but it would have saved me lots of time spent trying to figure out how to best use coupons to my advantage. It is just an all around great system, especially for those just starting out. If I wasn't truly impressed, I wouldn't recommend it. So check it out, it might be just what you've been looking for!

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Alyssa @ KeepingTheKingdomFirst said...

Wow, I have not yet tried it. Thanks for sharing, I will check it out!