I'm Back!

26 June 2008
Hello to all my blogger friends! The Internet was finally connected and I am so thrilled to be able to blog and read my favorite blogs again!

We are all moved, but far from settled in. The house is 85 years old, so we were cleaning it out and now working on remodeling while moving in. It sure has made for an interesting experience! I think it will be wonderful when we are done, I just have to remember to be patient.

I am adapting to life with no kitchen at the moment. We are working on tearing out walls and sheet rocking in there. The only appliance we have is the refrigerator. I have a crock pot, an electric skillet, and the bread machine to feed us with. I've been doing a lot of recipe experiments, so I'll probably be sharing those from time to time.

I am not a fan of the only grocery store in town, Brookshires. They only double/triple on certain weeks :-( So, I'll be driving to Kroger in Brownwood or HEB in Stephenville. I've never shopped much at HEB, but the sales flier looks like it might be worth a try.

Just wanted to let you know I am back online and will be posting regularly again.


Alyssa @ KeepingTheKingdomFirst said...

Hooray, welcome back! We missed you!

No kitchen, wow, that must be tough. Hope you will share the before and after pics!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I look forward to reading your posts again!