Celebrity Babies and the Fans Who Love Them

14 July 2008
There is a ton of hoopla surrounding the birth of the Jolie Pitt twins, much like there was when big sister Shiloh was born. I had somehow escaped this news until today; I guess I live under a rock. I'll admit that I was curious about the new star babies, so I read a few articles to figure out what there (sure to be strange) names were. Curiosity satisfied, I decided to go on about my business.

Then, I came across an article about fans sending baby gifts to their favorite expecting celebs. What? You read that correctly, Mrs. Average Housewife sending a hand knitted sweater to Brad and Angie. Now, I understand that people can get really attached to celebrities, but this struck me as ludicrous. The celebs just end up donating these things, which is of course what they should do. But, why do people feel the need to send it in the first place? I just do not understand. If you want so badly to celebrate a birth and bless a child, why not donate these things directly to charity?

For the crafty sort who knit, crochet, etc.. you might want to check out The Warm Up America Foundation, Project Linus, or Guideposts Knit for Kids.

For those of us who are not so crafty, most women and children's' shelters are thrilled to accept donations of infants/children's items. Diapers, bottles, formula, clothes, and all sorts of things are often needed at shelters.

So, instead of packing up a layette for your fave celeb's new bundle of joy, think about passing that gift along to an infant who truly needs it. You'll be glad you did.

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Becky said...

Can I just say....AMEN!!!!!