Laundry Madness!

08 July 2008
I am so thankful for Tackle It Tuesday! Sometimes I feel that I'm all alone in my house working struggles. It's nice to know I'm not the only one!

Today I tackled laundry! We moved three weeks ago and have not had a washing machine the whole time. I've been making weekly trips to the laundry mat, but there is always more washing than I had the time and money to finish. So, we got a hand me down washing machine yesterday and the washing party began today. It's nice to know Dan has clean clothes to wear to work tomorrow. And I love hanging laundry up on the line! It smells so good when you bring it in! So, I did as much laundry as I could and made a pretty good dent in ti. Hopefully there will be clear skies tomorrow so I can get more done.

Our hand me down washer.

My grandmother had helped me get the laundry room in order last week. It was a wreck! It is outside the house, attached to the garage. Nanny hung the cutest vinyl table cloths on the walls as a cheap, washable wallpaper alternative. There is a matching one on the folding table in there. I think it made the room a lot more cheerful!

The view inside laundry room. Note the ancient water heater.

My clever Nanny's work!

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Anonymous said...

What a great tackle. Congrats on your new diggs.