Tackle It Tuesday - Poo Happens

29 July 2008
Warning: This tackle is not for the easily nauseated!

I went to bed with all sorts of grand plans. I had so much I wanted to get accomplished today and blissfully thought that I would. I don't think I'll make plans anymore.
3:54am I hear a high pitched awful dog howl. I grab my robe, trot to the front room, open the door, and there it was...poo. Dixie must have been feeling a little sick to her stomach and had an accident all over her kennel. My first thought is to get her outside, so I open her door, leash her up, and she shakes poo all over the living room and me. Yuck! I get her outside, drag the kennel out and wash it, hose down the dog, drag kennel back in, put dog up, mop the living room floor, vow to burn my clothes, and take a shower. About the time I get dried off and redressed, this scenario repeats itself. I suppose I should mention at this point that we do not have a fenced yard. We walk Dixie on a leash, she lives in the house with us, and sleeps in her kennel...which had worked great until now. After round two, I pack dh's lunch, make coffee, get dh out of bed, start a load of laundry, and grab meat out of the freezer to defrost. Then I deal with the pooh problem 5 more times in an hour.

The vet tells me not to worry, give her Pedialyte, keep her hydrated and cool. Dixie drinks this stuff about like my kids do, not well. At the moment, poor Dixie is laying at my feet snoozing. She looks like she feels awful. Poor baby.

So, my tackle today has been mopping the front half of the living room and the entryway/dining room seven times. I have bathed seven times. Three loads of laundry have been washed and hung out. My next project is trying to get the awful smell out of the front part of the house. It's BAD and I'm not sure why as the "mess" is all cleaned up. If I can just accomplish that, I'll be happy. At the moment, petting my precious fur baby, trying to make her feel better is all that is important.

I'll tackle all the things I intended to do today, tomorrow. Why? Because poo happens.

Happy tackling everyone!

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Rhonda said...

Hope you get everything cleaned up and your sweet puppy is good as new soon!

About Pedialyte, have you ever tasted it? Years ago when I worked at Walmart as a demonstrator/sample lady, Pedialyte was my product for taste samples one day. It was pretty awful and I don't think I sold any. They should of just given out coupons and not taste samples.

Nessa said...

Okay., i had to go try a sip just to see. I am pretty sure I'd have to be about to expire from thirst before I drank that! So, I called the vet and he said try Gatorade orr Powerade, or anything with electralytes. I'm sure she'll drink one of those.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hey Mommy,
I hope Dixie is feeling her cute old self again, and the smell gone. Have you tried sprinkling bi-carb on trouble spots? x

Tarasview said...

oh MERCY girl! I sure hope he is feeling better now!