Totally Toddler, The Only Stain Remover You'll Ever Need

16 July 2008
Have you ever heard of Totally Toddler? Totally Toddler Nursery Stain Remover is the best laundry prewash, stain, and odor remover I've ever used. I started using the spray over 10 years ago, after a friend had a baby. Their whole household swore it was a magic stain remover. After my first few uses, I realized it truly was a great stain remover, but it wasn't until my own kids came along that I realized how extraordinary it really is! In my 12 years of motherhood, I've successfully used Totally Toddler to:
  • Remove the worst stain and odors from cloth diapers
  • Remove spit up stains on everything from burp cloths to silk blouses
  • Remove blood, chocolate and even ink from numerous fabrics and surfaces
  • Get rid of a red Kool Aid stain on an off white carpet
  • And, my personal favorite, it removed a permanent marker stain from a light pink blouse that had already been through the dryer once!

Totally Toddler really is the best stain remover I've ever used! When it got the permanent ink out of my blouse I was amazed! It is by far my favorite laundry treatment product.

Unfortunately, I can no longer find it in my area, so when I go to places that carry it, I stock up. You can purchase Totally Toddler at Toys R Us, Babies R Us, and Burlington Coat Factory in the Baby Depot section. It can also be purchased from several retailers online.

In an effort to get more stores to carry Totally Toddler their website has a letter you can print out and take to your favorite retailer. When you do this you receive a coupon for a free bottle! Click here for more details.

So, I urge you to try Totally Toddler. I know you will be happy with the results.

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