Christmas Walmart Rant

18 December 2008
***The wonderful Walmart Eleven Moms are mentioned numerous times in this post. I want to make it perfectly clear that I am in no way bashing this group of ladies. I think they are a savvy, clever, talented group of women and their blogs a credit to the bloggy world***

Let me start by saying that I had given up on Walmart quite some time ago. My negative experiences there had always far outnumbered the positive. But, when Walmart came up with the idea of the Eleven Moms and invited some of my favorite bloggers to take part, I decided to give them another chance. The Eleven Moms shared tips and such showing you how to save more at Walmart, which I really enjoyed. Because these bloggers are women I read daily, and whose judgement especially where it concerns frugal matters I really respect, I started shopping at Walmart again, although a store in a different town. I will say that the Stepehnville Walmart is almost always a joy to shop at. I am glad that I gave shopping at Walmart another chance and I am happy the Eleven Moms got me back into the store.

Sadly, I am not so happy with Walmart Online or the company as a whole. Did you know that in September of 2007 they implemented a “Customer Contact Reduction” program for their online branch? This basically means that if you have a problem with Walmart Online you can either email or write a letter, there is no number to call to speak with customer care. I was shocked! so, I ended up emailing them. You see, the book Ashley wanted for Christmas not arrived yet. I ordered it on the 5th and it was due no later than the 15th. Here is what has happened to it:

Dec 7 2008
Received at UPS Mail Innovations Origin RPF
Paulsboro, NJ
Processed at UPS Mail Innovations Origin RPF
Paulsboro, NJ
Dec 8 2008
Transferred to UPS Mail Innovations Destination RPF
Austin, TX
Dec 9 2008
Received at UPS Mail Innovations Destination RPF
Austin, TX
Dec 9 2008
Manifested (Postage Paid)
Dec 9 2008
Entered USPS Facility - BMC
Dec 9 2008 01:34PM
Dec 10 2008 02:58AM
Dec 10 2008 12:47AM
Dec 12 2008 11:32AM
Dec 12 2008 12:43PM
Dec 13 2008 01:54PM

Notice that it has made it to Texas twice and then left again. This is the response I got to my email:

Dear Customer,
Thank you for contacting regarding tracking an order. Due toextremely high holiday volumes, we regret that we have not been able to read your email. Instead of keeping you waiting, we hope the information below helps answer some of your immediate questions.
The most up-to-date order status and tracking information can be found by signing into "My Account"

So, they can't even read my email because they are so busy? And poor Ashley will not have her Christmas gift. I am furious! So, with the help of my neighbor, I complained via email to corporate. I doubt it helps, but who knows.

I will now admit that I was a bit envious of the Eleven Moms at first, but no longer. I am glad that I was not asked to be a part of the group because I could never praise Walmart with a clear conscience. No offense meant to the Eleven Moms here, I think you are a great group of ladies and I visit all of their blogs often. I do really like that Walmart has allowed them to be part of this group, yet they don't have to limit themselves to only Walmart related postings. For instance, Keeping the Kingdom First is the place to go for the scoop on good CVS deals. It's just that I've personally had so many headaches with Walmart, that I could never do it.

I am sure some people can shop Walmart often with no problems, but I've had more than my share. That in itself doesn't bother me as much as the complete lack of customer service. I've seen it talked about on various coupon and frugal communities that Walmart is to big to care about a few thousand poorly treated customers, I just didn't believe it until now. It makes me sad.

Anyway, I have to go bake cookies now. This rant is now over.


Anonymous said...

Nessa, my heart breaks for you and your sweet daughter. Although I am an eleven mom, I try to stay unbiased, and I know that Walmart is far from perfect.

I have forwarded your post to Walmart's Home Office and I sincerely hope they get this resolved for you quickly.

Love Your Bloggy Friend,


Anonymous said...


I am so sorry to hear you are having problems with getting your daughter's book! I know Alyssa has forwarded it on, and I hope you get resolution soon! Please let her, or any of us know if you don't get a response!!!

PS. thanks for the kind words about the Eleven Moms :)

Unknown said...

I am in no way contractually or otherwise obligated to speak kindly on the behalf of Walmart (meaning I don't know the Eleven Moms and I hate Walmart.)

I shop at Walmart...only because I have to! There is one other grocery store in my town and it is outrageous so it's either go to Walmart or eat Ramen noodles all week. Every time I go into that store there is something that upsets me, every time I try to return something to that store it's a huge drawnout ordeal, and every single time I order something online it's complete chaos! If I were you I woulf contact the store closest to you, explain the situation (nicely at first) and demand that they produce the book...if all else fails hold a sit-in in the front entrance...that's bound to get someone's attention!

Nessa said...

I am so glad I was able to restore the nice comments that were posted! I had started reading at the bottom and got so upset that I didn't make it all the way to the supportive ones. Thanks to you all!

I've reopened the comments, minus the awful verbally attacking ones.

Mommy Managing said...

I must say, I am not a part of the "I hate Wal-Mart" club. I have never ever had a problem at Wal-Mart. I have always had nice helpful associates. No problem using my coupons. Site-to-Store is DIVINE!

I'm sorry you had such an issue, and I hope they fix your problem and POSSIBLE restore some faith. :)

Nessa said...

To Mommy Managing - I will agree with you Site to Store is great! I've never had a problem with it and use it everytime it is offered!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a shipping problem, UPS not Wal Mart to blame. Hope the book gets there in time for Christmas.

Nessa said...

I agree, it is most likely a shipping problem. But the fact that I cannot reach a person to talk to about it aggravates me. They have the book and my money, and I can't do anything about it? It's very frustrating! Is it the norm when ordering online that when stuff goes missing you are just out of luck?

GeekMommy said...


My heart just totally went out to you when Alyssa mentioned all the difficulty you were having.

I've been so frustrated before by big companies (not Walmart actually myself, but others I just won't throw out in your comments) who are great until you have an issue and then when you do, suddenly become these faceless, nameless, unresponsive people on a phone line who seem as if they're paid to frustrate you more rather than help.

I'm glad that it's getting looked into and hope it's resolved soon enough for the holidays.

I'm also so sorry you had people getting nasty on your blog. The internet is full of people who think that it's okay to treat others that way because they're sure they're both 'right' and 'righteous' and it's just baffling.


Unknown said...

Honestly, if you are ordering online, I recomend Amazon. I have never had a problem with them.

And I never shop at Wal-Mart anymore. After 6 months of marriage my husband refused to go into a Walmart store with me, because I would get so frustrated that I wasn't very fun to be around. After a year of marriage, he started recommending that I shop somewhere else, because a half hour in the place put me in a bad mood the rest of the day.

Now that I have researched more about their business practices and know that I can get just as good a deal and sometimes better at other stores I avoid the place at all costs.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I feel your pain with the whole "no phone number thing."
We are heading out to Texas on Christmas! Can't wait!

Juliana said...

I fully understand your feelings on this. Same thing happened to me in August when I ordered uniforms for my daughter and they made the way through the delivery nightmare and showedthe store finally had them and then the store sent them back??? It took 6-8 weeks fpr Walmart to credit back my Gift Cards and I had to scramble to find uniforms elsewhere. This was the first time that happeden, but we always have difficulty with the store being able to find the item for and have to wait sometimes as long as an hour for them to get it. Walmart needs to overhaul their system and provise better customer service on in this area.
Good Luck to you and your precious daughter...Juliana in Humble TX