Good Intentions

12 January 2009
I am always just full of good intentions. I fully intend to do lots of things on an average day. I intend to answer all my email, jot a letter to a friend, clean the house until it gleams, write the most earth shattering blog post ever, walk the dogs for an hour, put on make up...I could go on and on. But, life gets in the way. I forget about things or I start doing one thing, then get distracted and start something else. It gets maddening! I want to not be like this. It really bothers me a lot...I feel like I let down my family and my friends.

If I constantly fail you dear loved ones, please forgive me. :-)

The weekend has been a total wash; I haven't accomplished one thing I set out to do. This isn't really surprising though; I never accomplish much when Dan is home. I'd much rather spend time with him and the kiddos than do other things. And the kids have no school today, so it doesn't look like I'll get a lot done.

So, I guess tomorrow I'll start trying to make lists and stick to them. I really like lists, it's just the actual accomplishing of the task listed that's a problem.

Am I the only one who struggles with this?

Anyway, for today I am enjoying my children. We are waiting on the hot water to boil so we can have hot chocolate and watch National Treasure together. Nothing like hot cocoa, a good movie, and snuggling with the ones I love most!

SAVING is good.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are very good at living in the moment, which is something many aspire to learn!

Carpe diem!

And if the lists don't work, maybe they are too long?
Maybe you could divide them into categories, and do one thing from each category each day?

Or just tell yourself: I'll do three things from the list and them I'm done.

This way you set yourself up for success! Which is always better than failure...

lynette355 said...

Have you thought you are ADD like your son? You remind me of CG. List are good but make them short. Like 5 attainable things.