How Not to Behave - Stephen Fowler on Wife Swap

11 February 2009
I'll admit it, watching Wife Swap is I guess what you could call one of my guilty pleasures. It is generally pretty entertaining, at least I think so. We do not have television, so I can only catch it over at Lenore's or online. I do enjoy what are typically polar opposite pairings of families.

Have y'all seen this Fowler Family episode? I've never seen a husband on this show behave so badly! He should be so ashamed of himself! If my hubby behaved this way on national television, I'd be horrified! What a way to behave in front of your children! I have to wonder if this man worries about teaching his children things like morals and kindness, how to truly be a good person. No, let's just teach them how to mock others instead. I am so upset that an adult would treat another person this way. Making fun of someone who is less educated than you,; what are you 6 years old?! Shame on you Mr. Fowler!

Check out this video to see what I mean.

SAVING is good.


lynette355 said...

your right he was rude.
i would not wish to have the family represent me as a weight lose client if he has such a bad opinion of obese people. as his wife i would be ashamed that my husband was so rude to another person, little on a woman who was "taking" my place.

lynette355 said...

read this

lynette355 said...

and here too