Kitchen Cleaning Frenzy

18 February 2009
***photo by aplumb***

Yesterday I went on a kitchen cleaning frenzy. My pal Lenore came over, armed with cleaning supplies, and we worked our tushies off scrubbing down my kitchen. It's so nice to have friends! My last project was my fridge, which I'd cleaned out last week, but had gotten a strange odor. I pulled everything out, scrubbed it down on the inside then pulled out the shelves and went after them. It was after the shelves were all clean and dry that it happened. I picked up the glass shelf that sits on top of the crisper drawer and it exploded, shattering into a zillion little pieces! Silly me, just started scooping up the broken shards. I assumed since it was safety glass that it wouldn't hurt me. Ask me what my fingers look like today. Anyway, now I'm out a whole shelf's worth of space and have what feels like hundreds of little paper cuts all over my fingers.

***photo "Shattered" by Roger Smith***

I swear sometimes my foolishness amazes me. Broken glass cuts you? Who knew?

So now I'm calling everyone I know to see if they have an old fridge I can steal a shelf out of. With the wacky measurement of 23x13, I'm not holding my breath.

Have you ever done something really idiotic, like scooping up broken glass with your bare hands? Or am I the only nutty mom out there?

SAVING is good.


lynette355 said...

"armed with cleaning supplies," LOL
yeah i am told it disinfects too. maybe i should have stayed for first aid duty. you know i had the "pain killer" for those nasty cuts.

Jenn said...

First....I wish I had a friend that good :) That is FANTASTIC!!

Secondly, *sigh* I do stuff like that ALL the time! Ridiculous! I think we move so quickly sometimes that the "obvious" just isn't so!! LOL

I'm currently sporting a bump on my forhead...right in the middle... apparently...when you open doors on the truck you are supposed to get out of the way first. Who knew?!

Emily Retherford said...

I also have a bad habit of picking up broken glass with my hands! You're not alone!

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Marjie said...

Hey, I did some kitchen cleaning too yesterday. I can't believe all that food I was saving...gone bad and destined for trash. I hope your cuts disappear soon hun. Be careful with those sharp glasses. They're a pain....I know.

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Laurie @ Madre Gear said...

OUCH!!! Yes, I can sympathize- I do stuff like that all the time. I really feel for you! I hope your hands feel better soon- stay away from cleaning for a few days and give those hands a little vacation! ;)

Sinclair said...

Yep, I've done it too. I think sometimes I just think I am immune to harm..moms are superhuman, don't ya know?