Everything But the Kitchen Sink

17 March 2009
Those who are regular readers will know that we are up to our necks in kitchen remodeling. We can't seem to agree on anything when it comes to that room. We did finally choose a paint color that we both love, after six months of paint swatches. Since we've finished that project, it's time to start thinking about a kitchen sink.

I want one of those adorable apron sinks. Dan does not. He says we must have a stainless sink. His strong opinion on this amuses me, after all I've not seen him wash a dish lately. For some reason he is just not willing to budge on this. Men can be awful stubborn sometimes.

Today I discovered stainless steel farmhouse sinks. It's the perfect solution! They are absolutely beautiful, come in the perfect size, and will give the kitchen the exact look I want.They are stainless steel, very durable, and great quality..all things that will make Dan happy as well!

Now we just have to make up our minds whether we want a single or double bowl sink. There are pros and cons to both, and I'm truly torn on this. Part of me wants a single bowl, but I'm afraid I will not like it. Yet, I'm not thrilled with the double bowl sink we have now. Readers, what do you think? I'd love to here opinions on both sides of the sink issue.

At least we know that we can both get what we want in a sink and be happy with it. That in itself is huge progress. We'll decide on how many bowls, then move on to the next step. I believe we are choosing counters next. Will this kitchen remodel ever end?

SAVING is good.


lynette355 said...

Stainless steel easier to clean and not as much fear of breaking dishes
double sink one for wash other for rinse or drainer
high spout for spiget so you can put dishes under it
sprayer for water fights--i mean to clean off dishes
dishwasher to solve all these issues
maid to load dishwasher so you have time for coffee among other things
$$ to afford it all

I mean as long as we are dreaming!

Sharon said...

I have a double sink, stainless steel and I love it. My faucet is higher than most and it has the sprayer built in to it. You pull the faucet out and the spray hose is attached there. I don't know how I made it without that handy thing all my life! :) :)