A Matter of Credit

27 March 2009
photo by faceymcface1

Like so many other folks these days, our credit is not perfect. In fact, it is far from it. We have stopped using all lines of credit and are working to pay down our debt. But, I was wondering if it's possible to fix credit?

I discovered credit repair and it seems like one option. You pay them a fee and then they dispute any inconsistencies and glitches on your credit report. It seems it would take a lot of time and effort to do this on your own, and such services will probably come closer to actually getting results than you would on your own. I really think this would be a good way to go for some families.

As for us, well our bad credit is our own doing, so I'm unsure how much you could dispute it. I mean 10 years of spending irresponsibly does tend to give you bad credit. In these scary economic times I'm sure even folks with good credit may find themselves with dings against their once clean credit. People defaulting on loans and credit cards seems to be oh so common these days.

How do you feel about this? Have you or would you use a credit repair service? Are you still living with debt or trying to get rid of it? I'd love to hear what my wonderful readers have to say about this!


Unknown said...

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Rikki said...

We used a credit repair service and it worked really well for us - it's not that we disputed anything, we just would never be able to pay of the principle at the interest rate. Things just got nuts. But, now things are manageable but still tough - we have to be very careful, but we can do it.