Our Place

06 March 2009
Dan and I have long dreamed of opening our own restaurant. He is an absolute genius with BBQ, so we'd serve his yummy meats and good old Texas home cooking with a selection of homemade desserts. We've wanted to do this for as long as we've been together.

Our dream restaurant would be family friendly in a country atmosphere. I can just see old fashioned hurricane lamps atop beautiful wooden tabletops. I love the look of the restaurant chairs here, especially the hybrid side chair. Fashionseating.com offers all sorts of restaurant furniture that could help anyone opening a new place make it look fantastic!

The decor would be warm and inviting. I'd love to have some vintage signs, like for produce and such hanging on the walls. Things like cream cans, whiskey barrels full of flowers, old boots, and possibly even saddles on stands would make for interesting decor as well. I would want it to be very country and fun.

We quite often talk about our place, both of us full of ideas. I can tell you what recipes I'd use for blue plate specials and what yummy sweets I'd fill the dessert case with. Dan has grand plans of smoking briskets, his out of this world ribs, chicken, and ham. We've even discussed how we'd offer custom smoking and homemade pies during the holidays. We have big dreams! It will most likely be nothing but a daydream, but it's still fun.

SAVING is good.


Scarlet O'Kara said...

All of that sounds yummy! Let me know when you open the place up!

lynette355 said...

ok when is the well house being converted to a smoke house. and the flower house is the resturant right?

Anonymous said...

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