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09 April 2009
I know very little about web hosting. I do know that I would really like to lose the blogspot part of my url and get a custom domain name. I've been looking into domain names, web hosting, and a whole slew of other things I just don't quite understand.

This site was very helpful because it rounded up the ten best values as far as web hosting service. I've only ever heard of one of them before, and it turned out not to be the best value. So, this site saved me quite a bit of time that I would've spent ferreting out the best deal. You all know how much I like getting a good deal!

But, I am so scared of switching from what I'm doing now. I know that if I get my custom url through my current blog platform that they will move my blog over automatically. I like that idea, but there are more affordable options out there that offer more "bells and whistles". On the other hand, better value or not, I am not at all confident that I can move my blog on my own. I've been analyzing the top ten list and am trying to make a decision.

So, what do you wise readers think? I'd appreciate all your input on this as I really don't know what to do.

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