I Just Don't Get It ~ IP Coupons

12 May 2009
We have one grocery store here in Podunk, a Brookshire's. This store has doubled/tripled coupons a total of four times in the almost year we have lived here. This has severely messed up my couponing. I either have to drive 30 miles to another store in a different town, or deal with the slim pickings offered here.

Today the new sales ad came in the mail. It was promoting the awesome Kraft coupons currently being offered. I went to the Brookshire's site to investigate further, then wound up on the Kraft page. I do not understand why Brookshire's is promoting these coupons when the local store will not take IP coupons. It makes no sense at all! So, I emailed them and asked if the local store's policy had changed. I am eager to hear back from them.

I went ahead and printed the coupons. I can always make Dan stop and Walmart and use them before he comes home from work one day. I love bargains and these are great coupons! I urge you to go check them out.


Tammy said...

They are great coupons, I live in "Podunk" too, and we only have two stores that double here, and the one is only on holiday weekends the other is Kmart (and they only do it when advertised in their flier). I used mine at Target yesterday in conjunction with Target IP coupons from their site, it got me really cheap deals!

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

Here, stores never double coupons. I sure wish they did!

Mommy Managing said...

Doesn't your ad have the printed coupon policy in it? Mine clearly states that they will take IP's for up to $1.99, but that they must scan and be legitimate, yada yada. Ours is tripling up to .60, which is great, but it doesn't change the Kraft coupons 'cause they're mostly $1.