The Things That Go On Around Here!

26 May 2009
Ashley ended up with chocolate all over her face today. I am not sure how, but this child can be given one M & M and make a complete melty mess of herself! Anyway, her face was a mess, so I told her too go get a wipe out of the bathroom and clean up. I keep a box of baby wipes in the bathroom for quick clean ups during the day, and have done so for years. I thought nothing of telling her to go wipe up.

Fast forward about 10 minutes later. Ashley says her face feel weird and she's spitting like she has the worlds worst taste in her mouth. I could not for the life of me figure out what her problem was. I rewashed her face with a wet wash cloth and she seemed to get over it.

Then I went to the bathroom. While sitting on the potty, I glanced into the trash can and saw the package from a Vagisil Medicated Anti Itch Wipe! She'd apparently dug into "Mom's Drawer", which she knows she is not allowed to do, and helped herself. Can you even imagine washing your face and mouth with one of those little lovelies? Ick! I am sure her mouth did have an awful taste in it! Just yuck! Anyway, I am hoping she learned her lesson about getting into things that aren't hers.

What classic capers like this have your little ones pulled?


Jennifer said...


I actually laughed so hard, no sound came out!!! Your poor baby girl! Ugh! I hate to laugh, but that is too funny!

lynette355 said...

that is perfect
i bet you was glad you was sitting on the potty when you discovered this
kept you from peeing all over yourself while you was laughing.