Ashley Says Nagoya!

22 June 2009

Nagoya Castle (Japan)Image by ~MVI~ via Flickr

We love to plan dream vacations. We gather tourists information from all the places we want to visit and plan where we would stay, what we would do, and all that jazz. It's so fun and who knows, we might actually get to go one day!

Ashley's dream vacation would be to Japan. She has been dreaming of going there ever since writing a report on it in school. I must say, it would not be a bad vacation. The city she wants to visit most is Nagoya. The have an aquarium she really wants to check out. The city also has a theater district, cinema district, and an opera hall. Between those things and just generally exploring the city, I am sure we could stay busy.

You can find some wonderful hotels there as well. Sofitel The Cypress Nagoya looks wonderful and is reasonably priced. Us girls could get a massage while the boys vegged out with room service. It is within walking distance of the city's bullet train and the Midland Square Toyota building, both things Tristen would love to see. So, when we make it over there, that is where we will head. Convenient location and nice amenities mean a lot when choosing a great hotel!

At the moment there is the Accor Hotels City Super Sale which can save you up to 60% on trips booked online between June 23 and 29, for stays between July 10 and September 30, 2009. This is a fantastic deal for anyone thinking of going out of the country for summer vacation!

As for us, we will have to stick with our dream vacations. Maybe someday we'll get to take them for real.

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Anonymous said...

My dream vacation is bicycling through the Loir Valley in France. I can't see it happening, but I've been blessed to go other places. Keep dreaming. Then God will lead you down a path where the reality just outshines the dream:)