Frugal Family Fun ~ Bubble Time!

26 June 2009

Blowing BubblesImage by David Reece via Flickr

My kiddos have loved to blow bubbles since they were very little. I love bubbles because they are a a fun activity for all ages and cost so very little. The kids and I can spend a whole afternoon playing with this soapy mixture in the back yard. We blow bubbles of all shapes and sizes, chase bubbles, pop them, and just have a really great time! If you are looking for a fun and frugal outdoor activity, give this a try.

This is my favorite bubble recipe. It makes a lot, so prepare to have some fun!

6 cups water
2 cups Joy dish soap
3/4 cup corn syrup

If you decide to blow bubbles at each other, you will get sticky because of the corn syrup, but it sure helps make fantastic bubbles. Getting all sticky while playing with your kids is a smile price to pay for making wonderful memories!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Do you know if this recipe will work with other detergents besides Joy?

Becky said...

Thanks for this! We just did water and dish soap and it didn't work so well. Will add the corn syrup!!

Stacie said...

Thanks for the bubble recipe. I know what me and my son will be doing later this week.

Kathy said...

That sounds great. I had never heard of corn syrup in the bubbles!

Kaye-SandwichINK said...

I came to visit from Homemaker Barbi :). What a fun recipe. I'll definitely have to save this to try with my grandkids. Thank you :)