Our Morning Visitors

02 June 2009
My family are big bird watchers. Our property has lots of trees throughout, so we are blessed with many varieties of birds to enjoy. We've put in a bird bath, bird feeders, and some plants that are said to draw birds as well. I love that we are helping these birds with these simple steps and they are providing hours of enjoyment for our family. Our neighbors have several feeders and bird baths as well. We spend a lot of time watching them flit from feeder to bath between the two houses.. They've even got a beautiful bird nesting in a wreath on their front porch. We have our morning coffee on the porch, chat, and the birds usually come out and greet us on the porch. We call them our morning visitors. It's a great way to start the day with good friends, coffee, and a beautiful bird song!

One of our favorite things during the spring and summer months is watching the hummingbirds that live around. Last summer we discovered they live in a tree in our front yard. They frequently come out and play when we have the water sprinklers on. They are such amazing little creatures and a pleasure to watch.

This year, we have put several hummingbird feeders out around the property. The glass hummingbird feeder are great for attracting these little guys. By spreading them out around our yard, we can see them from all over the house. The kids really enjoy watching the hummingbirds eat and find them quite entertaining. I like that we are feeding them and encouraging them to keep living close by. Plus, it's just really fun to observe and marvel at these wonderful animals.

What about your family? Are you all nature lovers too?

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