Pink Polka Dots

30 June 2009

Brutality against mosquitoes.Image by freebird (bobinson|ബോബിന്‍സണ്) via Flickr

That's what I'm covered in lately. It is also the reason I am wide awake at midnight. It doesn't seem to matter if I'm outside or in, helicopter sized mosquitoes are feasting on me. Them and pretty much any other blood sucking bug have invaded our neighborhood and are out to destroy us all! I cannot sleep because of the itching! Strangely enough, when with a group of friends, I am often the only one really hounded by the insect vampires. I guess I am too sweet for my own good!

It's not just me though. The poor pets are having to battle fleas. We seem to have the worst flea problem we've had in years. I have treated the animals, but am having a horrible time getting the little devils killed in the yard and house. I seriously feel like I've been in a war. It's no fun and goodness knows how much pesticide I've inhaled. If anyone knows a magic solution to get the fleas D-E-A-D, please let me know.

As for the skeeters, I guess I'll just have to suffer. I refuse to coat myself with Off before going to sleep. oh the joys summer in Texas brings!

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