Take Me Out To The Ball Game

01 June 2009
Have you heard about the Quality Inn Sweepstakes? They are giving away a little league baseball family trip to the Little League World Series! The prize package is for a family of four. This would be such a cool trip to take the family on! We've never been on a real vacation, so this would be a great adventure for us! I entered and am keeping my fingers crossed. Go on over and enter; it might just be your lucky day!

I am very impressed with Quality Inn's commitment to youth sports. These kids are our future and team sports are so great for kids! They learn team work, responsibility, hard work, and leadership skills. I am thrilled that a big company like Quality Inn is choosing to support little league. I think sports are great for all ages, I just wish my kids were more interested in team sports. Maybe when they get a little older they will decide to give sports a try. I firmly believe they are a character building experience. I would love to see more companies getting involved with youth sports, our kids, and thus the leaders of tomorrow. An investment in a child's future is never a bad thing and I for one am very likely to spend money with a retailer that I know is involved with youth activities.

What do you think? Do you spend more or just make more of an effort to do business with places you know support children?

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Brittany said...

My fingers are crossed with you! Hope ya win!