Back to School – Beyond the New Backpack

18 August 2009

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This guest post is by Rachel Buhr. She is a great writer who shares more educational tips and ideas on her blog

Are you gearing up for back to school?

For many homes, the month of August is comprised of back to school
preparation. Whether it is clothes, shoes, markers or backpacks there is
the constant checking of the list and parents saying, “Did we get
everything on the list?” However, have you taken the time to think about
your child’s mental health checklist? Is he/she emotionally and
physically ready for school? As a parent you may want to take the time to
think about what you can do to make the emotional and physical transition
back to school go smoothly.

We have all read the articles that talk about getting your children to bed
earlier to prepare for school. This is easier said than done. What kid
wants to start getting ready for bed at 7:30 pm when all of the neighbors
are still outside? This is where you as a parent need to adjust your
child’s schedule gradually. For example start by waking them up a half
hour earlier in the morning. This will cause them to be a little more
tired in the evening and may not fight going to bed as much. During the
weeks leading up to school, continue to wake them up early and adjust
their bedtime in 15-20 minute increments. This will help to get both
parents and children back into school mode before the first day.

Have you addressed your child’s concerns of actually going to school?
Some kids are afraid they will not know where their classroom is located.
Others are concerned that they will not be able to open their locker.
Instead of assuring them that everything will be fine, show them. Take

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them to school and locate their classroom. Some children need more time
than is given at an open house. Many of the schools are open during the

day as the teachers and staff are preparing for the start of school. Walk
around the school and look at the classrooms. Let students take the time
to practice with their lockers. Often times locker combinations are
mailed out in August. Even if your child does not have his/her
combination, you can still go check out the lockers and show your child
how to work the lock.

These are just a few of the many ways parents can help their children
prepare for the upcoming school year. Take the time to talk with your
children and have them voice their concerns. Once you know what is
causing them to be apprehensive, you as a parent can take the steps to
reduce their anxiety. These simple back to school basics can help make
the first day of school a success.

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