Deck of Chores Review

06 August 2009

Chore time around here can be a nightmare. We've done sticker charts, online programs, and everything in between with little success. It seems that I spend more time trying to get the kids to do their chores than a) it would have taken me to them myself or b) it would have taken them to do them if they were not griping about it. So, when the Homemaker Barbi team was given the chance to review Deck Of Chores, I was thrilled.

I was provided my own Deck Of Chores to review. I must say from a parent's perspective that they are bright, colorful, and have nice illustrations. I would give them two thumbs up for being very child friendly. The idea is to either shuffle the cards and make up your own game to play with them, or just draw cards. Each card has a chore listed on it. Anything that can make chores more appealing is a hit in my book.

The only negative I can see is that my kids were just not that interested. Having tweens in the house, well you never know what they will go for. I had a hunch that the cards would work well for younger kids, so I passed them on to another family. Turns out I was right as their 4 and six year old actually ask to do chores now! So, I give the Deck of Chores two thumbs up for families with young children. In fact, this will probably be a gift to my nieces and nephews this year, since they are all of the age I think the cards would work great for. As a former preschool teacher, I must say a system like this would have been marvelous in the classroom; although not all the chores would apply, the idea is great.

So, I suggest you check out Deck of Chores for yourself. The website is full of useful information and you can order the cards from there. I would love to hear what you think about this product, so come back and let me know.

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