Shut Out The Sun

22 August 2009
It's nearly 2:00AM, I cannot sleep, and am dreading morning. I will be wanting to hit the sack as the sun is rising and everyone else is starting their day. On days like that, I wish we had vinyl shutters so that I could close the shutters, draw the curtains, block out the light, and go back to bed. This is part of why I keep telling Dan we need shutters; they add great personality to the exterior of the house and as a bonus would help me out on the nights that insomnia rages. I love cute and functional!

I am going to go try to catch some shut eye now. After all we don't have the shutters right now, or even blinds or thick curtains, so the sun will wake me up before I am ready in the morning. I must try to make myself sleep!

Wishing you all a wonderful, restful weekend!

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1 comment:

TexasBobbi said...

I hear you I am having the same problem.