Throb, throb, throb

15 August 2009

wisdom teeth outImage by deltaMike via Flickr

That is what the whole left side of my face is doing, along with my ear. It seems I have an abscessed wisdom tooth. I cannot tell you how bad it hurts. I'm swollen, tender, running a fever, unable to sleep, and generally miserable. It needs to come Unfortunately, we have no dental insurance. I have been doing some checking and our closest sliding fee scale dental clinic is currently closed because they have no dentist. My regular dentist will take care of me, even let me make payments, but I have to have a $300 down payment. $300 dollars out of the check we have to finish school shopping with, make a car payment with, and somehow buy groceries? Yeah right! But, something has got to be done. I am miserable and it's making me physically ill.

So, in an effort to raise some money to get this taken care of, I am offering a deal on advertising. If you buy an ad from me, I'll run not only on this blog, but all three of my blogs for two months. A dear wonderful brilliant blog friend suggested I do this, and I thank her for the idea. So, if you are looking to promote your blog, store, website, or whatever, this is a great chance to do it on three blogs and help me out at the same time. Please contact me if you are interested.

In the mean time, does anyone know a way to make this throbbing, awful pain stop? All I know is that Tylenol is not working and I am miserable. My stomach is queasy, I'm achy probably from the fever, my whole face and ear hurts, and I just want to be able to sleep! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

And dear readers, thank you for letting me ramble and even whine from time to time. It's nice to have bloggy friends who care. Goodnight y'all!


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Anonymous said...

ok, what will your kids learn if they know Mom needs the dentist immediately, and they might have to wait a month to finish getting the rest of their new clothes?? or you do your mouth now and they finish getting their stuff when you get paid for your add deals.. have been it this situation and my kids learned from it..and those dental things can travel!!!!

Candace said...

Yep. My son graciously waited to have his birthday party until i got my dentures. He knew how badly I was hurting and was happy to wait until I could smile again at his party.

As a side note it costs me 230 total to get a tooth pulled and that is without insurance, for a surgical removal. You could try the ER I guess. Oh yeah tylenol stinks and also if your tooth is abcessed you have to take antibiotics before they pull it. Once you get those and the infection starts clearing you will feel better!

Good Luck..I lost all my teeth to hereditary bad teeth and lack of calcium and the pain with infected teeth is the WORST. Worse than labor!