Visions of America by Joseph Sohm

04 August 2009

How do you photograph democracy? This is the question that Joseph Sohm's Visions of America attempts to answer. Filled with breathtaking photos, Visions of America seems to capture the spirit of our great nation within it's pages.

The photos in this book are almost too beautiful describe. Some are of great American landmarks. Some are amazing portraits of everyone from politicians to the average joe. Gorgeous landscapes are featured right along with pictures of run down factories. Even the pictures of things that are not always thought of as picturesque, like street signs, are taken in such a way that you feel you are looking at exquisite art. You take a little tour of our nation while browsing these pages, enjoying smiling children, little red school houses, hometown life, and the thrill of the big city along the way. Flipping through these wonderful pages, I was overcome by a great feeling of pride in our country and became somewhat emotional. Gazing upon Sohm's work is a moving experience.

This is by far one of the most wonderful coffee table books I've ever seen. Sohm is a truly gifted photographer with a wonderful eye. Visions of America would be a treasure for any family. It would also be a fantastic give. I will definitely be keeping it in mind this holiday season.

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lynette355 said...

everyone over here loves that book
how beautiful it is

the end all in coffee table books