Eden Fantasys Review

22 September 2009
If you read many blogs I am sure you've come across a quite a few sites with Eden Fantasys reviews and giveaways. I know I sure have. These reviews piqued my curiosity and had me heading over to check out the site. There was a time I never would have done this, I was a bit of a prude. But, early on in my marriage my mother-in-law and I had a talk. She told me that what a husband and wife choose to do in their bed is perfectly fine as long as it's not illegal and no one gets hurt. My mother-in-law is one of the most decent woman I know, so if she says adult toys are okay, well then they must be. Now that I've written that I hope I do not get in trouble for sharing it with the whole blogsphere. So, yes I am wife, a mother, and part of a couple who likes to spice things up in the bedroom occassionally. There I've said it. Anyway, I went over to check out Eden Fantasys.

The website offers a little bit of something for everyone. Want some lingerie to spice things up a bit? You can find it there. From candles and bubble bath to vibrators, they offer a little bit of it all. Eden Fantasys also has some of the best gag gift or bachelor/bachelorette party items I've ever seen. There are some seriously funny things on the website. It is worth exploring.

I chose a toy for us to check out. The LAYAspot Clitoral vibrator to be precise. We had fun reviewing this product. It has multiple speeds, which is good, my only complaint is that there is low and high but no real medium setting. It also overs what I can only call different vibration patterns, so you can go "dot dot dash" or "full speed ahead", your choice. I feel this particular toy is almost too powerful at full speed, so if you are just beginning to explore toys be forewarned. It was also louder than I thought it would be, but not bad considering how powerful it is.

Eden Fantasys gets big points in my book for privacy and discretion. The boxes are so plain, no one would ever have any idea what you had ordered. Plus they ship really fast. I am overall very impressed with their product quality, website, and shipping. Eden Fantasys is a company I would highly recommend doing business with.


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lynette355 said...

you 'wild thang'! great review. but is that the humming noise i heard from across the street? lol