Dear Postal People

08 October 2009

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Y'all deliver come rain, sleet, or shine, but the worker delivering my route seems to be a bit lacking in the common sense department. Please stop putting packages that do not fit in my mailbox on top of mine and Lynette's mailboxes. That is why you made me sign the little card about putting them on my porch if we were not home, they didn't fit, etc. You see, the porch is covered and somewhat sheltered from other elements like extreme wind. When you put the packages, and large envelopes too I might add, on top of the mailboxes they get wet when it rains. Sometimes real wet. And on days like today when the wind is gusting up to eleventymillion miles per hour? Those pieces of mail blow away, right off the top of the mailboxes to never be seen again. Just thought I'd let you know.


Oh, and to Lynette's super awesome hubby who rescued my mail, YOU ROCK!
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JAS said...

I used to have a postal worker who did stuff like that. It drove me crazy. I feel for ya.

lynette355 said...

what would we do with out watch dog grandma? we have some of the lazist workers in this town anyway!

PJ said...

I second that motion! I have to say though, we have one really good mail lady. She always honks if we get large pkg. or envelopes. If we aren't home, she take it back to the post office but leave us a card in the mailbox telling us she did. Now the guy we have when she's off is a different story. We've missed Don's medicine (pain killer, and antidepressants, I might add) so in light of not accusing anyone...can you think where they might go? I can.


I take it his foot must be better! Tell him I said congrats!


TexasBobbi said...

I hate when that happens, we have been havign the some issues with our new mail carrier also.