Black Friday Deals 2009

12 November 2009

Inside Hawthorn mall on Black Friday 2006Image via Wikipedia

It's that time of year again. When the day after Thanksgiving drives the hungry deal seekers to the stores in massive waves. I got some great deals Black Friday last year and would love to do the same this year. So, who has the best deals? Surely you don't have to sit around pouring over all the Black Friday ads and figure out the best sales on your own. The Internet helps us everyday when it comes to bargain shopping and this big sale day is no different! A great resource for finding the most smokin' deals is social media. Twitter is abuzz with the greatest deals to be had. Facebook too. And of course blogs are a great resource to find the deals everyone is talking about. Just search any of the above and you are sure to find what's hot for Black Friday this year. Of course, when I see a deal that is really great, I'll share it with you here as well. So, do a bit of social media searching and start drawing up your Black Friday game plan. Happy shopping!


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TexasBobbi said...

Good idea's thanks.

PJ said...

Hi Kiddo! Hope you enjoyed your trip. I'm not much on Sales and Fuss. I guess I'm dating myself. I don't like to fight crowds in the stores, and I don't like paying the expensive shipping charges for buying things on line, so I do the easeiest thing possible. Just buy around here. I know that limits the variety,being we're a small town, but, I just can't handle all the stress like I did when I was younger. How's you foot and the other things going on? Hope everythings going better, and getting healed in more ways than one. Keep me posted as you are on my Prayer Line. I've got one of your books ready to return to you, but I'm still reading another. I am really enjoying "The Unexplainable". That's my kind of book. "No Idea" I couldn't get into very well. We're gonna be leaving for Branson on Tuesday, and I was going to ask if you would mind me taking the book with me. That is if I haven't finished by then. If you do, I understand and will either return it to you, or leave it here at the house. Just let me know.

Hope to see you at Curves Monday, before I leave.