Holiday Gift Guide: The Slanket

04 November 2009

Have you heard of the Slanket? It's a wonderful invention, a blanket with sleeves. I am always cold, so this product is a hit with me. I can sit wrapped up in a warm blanket and still easily type, read, or whatever. I love it!

The Slanket was invented by a college student suffering through the cold winter in Maine. He was cold, but needed his hands free to do things such as use the TV remote. He found the perfect solution with the Slanket! You have the warmth of a blanket and your hands are still free for whatever you need to do.

This product is the perfect gift for those who live in chilly areas, elders, pretty much anyone who craves warmth and hand freedom. I would be thrilled to receive one as a gift myself. I plan on giving several as gifts this year. Click on over to The Slanket for more information.

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lynette355 said...

mom loves her gift
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