Holiday Clearance Shopping

26 December 2009

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I generally do quite a bit of shopping in the days after Christmas. I stock up on wrapping paper, Christmas cards, gift labels, bows, ribbons, decorations, even seasonal clothes and all that jazz. It is a great way to get all you need for next year at great prices. When it comes to all the items I mentioned, I generally wait until prices are 75% off or better. We have a tradition of opening one gift each on Christmas Eve and that gift is always holiday pajamas for the whole family. I always buy these pj's during the Christmas clearance sales and manage to get what all four of use need at what I would pay for one pair of pj's before the holidays. You can really save a lot of money by stocking up now.

The savings don't end with wrapping paper and ornaments though. You can often find toys, board games, and gift sets at a great discount as well. I try to buy a few of the gift sets, you know the bubble bath, hair accessories, make up, etc... and stash them in my gift closet. These make great gifts when your kids are invited to a birthday party at the last minute. Toys and games found at great prices are a wonderful addition to your gift closet as well. Buying smart now can save you quite a bit when compared to having to pick up a last minute gift.

And while you are out hunting for good deals, don't forget about your grocery store. This is a great time to grab holiday hams and turkeys, sometimes even roasts and ducks, at reduced prices. The stores want to get rid of what's left after the holidays, so take advantage of this and grab a few things for your freezer. A turkey or a ham can provide several good meals for most families. Take advantage of these great meat deals that can really help stretch your grocery budget. Baking supplies are often reduced during these sales as well, so grab a few staples for your freezer. Last year I bought flour sugar, spices, chocolate chips, coconut, and chocolate chips all for about 90% off what I normally pay. It really saved us some money in the long run.

Happy shopping!

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Young Wife said...

I've gotten great deals at Michael's and Bed Bath and Beyond on Christmas decorations, stockings and a tree skirt in the days just after Christmas.

Laura said...

What a great reminder about checking out the grocery store.

I shopped today and bought some Christmas things, but I plan to go out several more times.


TexasBobbi said...

I was going to say you would think I would know to shop the grocery stores after working in them but No so thanks for the idea.

Becca said...

I have been looking for games but seemed to do better before the holiday as opposed to after. I never thought about the perfume/lotion gift sets tho...what a great idea!!!