Wild Monkeys

15 February 2010
I'm pretty sure wild monkeys are running around my house right now. I don't remember actually owning wild monkeys, but that must be what they are. I do not think human children could produce the level of noise that is filling every room in the house. They are enjoying themselves, laughing, and playing. Yes, they've occasionally moved a little faster than I would prefer, but haven't broken into a full on run yet.

I am enjoying the sounds of my children enjoying each other. It seems it is a rare event these days. They are both getting older and seem to want to be around each other less and less. Instead of the giggles I hear now, my ears are usually treated to the wonderful sounds of "He hit me!" or "She's in my room!". So, wild monkeys or not, I am enjoying the loud, fun filled shrieks of laughter while they last. It's the little things like this that make life worthwhile.



mean mom productions said...

OMG..Nessa I totally have the same thing going right now the occassional argument..xoxoxo

Jayde said...

I'm glad they're at least playing nicely. My children have been gone since Friday night and won't be home until tonight. Been a peaceful weekend!