20 April 2010

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Have you taken a good look at a school lunch lately? I admit that I hadn't really paid much attention. I assumed that my kids eating a hot lunch at school had to be better than the sandwich I would pack. Recently I've been doing some research that has led me to believe I was really off the mark on this one.

Did you know that a corn dog, ketchup, cherry Jello, and milk is a balanced meal? Um, excuse me? Yes, according to the school cafeteria this meal provides protein, grain, vegetable, fruit, and dairy. Ketchup is a vegetable? Pickles and salsa are too. Darn, I need to plant a ketchup plant! I'll put it right next to my cherry Jello fruit tree!

As a mother and a childcare provider, this strange concept of fruit and vegetables really concerns me. My childcare kids eat much better than this. Now, I'm not against serving an occasional corn dog with ketchup, but why not serve that alongside some carrot sticks, milk, and say a banana. I prefer actual fruit and vegetables to condiments and fruit flavored snacks.

What do you think? What are the school lunches like in your neck of the woods?

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Young Wife said...

I agree. Real fruits and vegetables should be the only ones that count.

lynette355 said...

I know I am shocked to the bone. I remember lunches that always had a salad or fresh veggies or fresh fruit. Now how are we to be teaching proper nutrition to our kiddos when the school does not. They say our kids are more overweight then ever...but I see more and more junk food in the school lunches now and also less and less exercise during p.e.
Maybe it is not all at home?

Dina said...

have you been watching jamie olivers food revolution or signed the petition to deal with this horrid food schools consider a balanced meal?

Wendy said...

Ours are similar, except that our school allows kids to return to the line & purchase unlimited cookies & ice cream. On their lunch plan. I've had to threaten to whip my kids to keep them from eating nothing but ten cookies for lunch every day.

School lunches have never been gourmet, but they are beyond disgusting now. We're in one of the wealthiest school districts in Texas and our kids eat revolting, unhealthy slop for lunch every day.

Which is why I send them with PB & honey virtually every day. At least I know it's organic PB, natural local honey, and whole wheat bread. it's definitely better than what the school serves.

Jodi Webb said...

Our school does serve a REAL fruit every day--the problem is the kids don't have to take it. And as a sub teacher I know most of them(98%probably)pass it up for the "better" dessert choice. Ice cream or cookie usually. My son is in first grade and has never ordered school lunch. They don't even send the cafeteria calendar home to us anymore! He gets to take the fruits and veggies he likes(for instance he doesn't like the pears or peaches in fruit syrup--another biggee at school cafs--but loves apples and green grapes). And whatever he doesn't eat he just stuffs back in his lunch can so I can actually see what it is he's eating--or not eating.

Carrie said...

It is so sad what people see as healthy foods. No wonder 1 in 5 kids has a problem with obesity!

Stephanie said...

Oh dear! That is scary! I'm in Ontario Canada and hot lunch is not an option for us. I used to be jealous of all of you people who had access to hot lunch, now I'm a wee bit grateful that I have to make lunches every single day. :)

PS Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I'm your newest follower!

Melanie said...

WOW! I did not realize how lucky my girls are! They go to a rural school (10 miles out of city limits) so they have their own menu that is different from the other schools in the district. They also have their own garden to grow fresh fruits and veggies and the water comes from a natural spring on school property. If my kids had to eat what other schools serve, I would be making them take lunch from home every day!