Project of the Week: DIY Spice Rack

24 May 2010
We are still working on redoing our house. I sometimes think it's a project that will never be completed. The project for the past few weeks has been the kitchen. Hubby is at trying to at least get it painted since we can't afford a complete remodel anytime soon. He has gotten quite a bit of the painting done so far. He also built me a bar in the space our old fridge once was. My wonderful in-laws blessed us with a new refrigerator, that was much larger than the apartment sized one we had. So, it's now somewhat in the middle of the kitchen until we can figure out where to put it. This room is a work in progress. I'll share pics soon.

Anyway, since we are all about the kitchen these days, I've been pulling out my notebook of kitchen ideas. Yes, I have a three ring binder divided by rooms where I keep pictures, articles, notes on websites, and the like. This notebook helps me keep track of all the ideas I come across that I'd love to use someday. My project this week is this awesome spice rack I first saw on The Kitchn. I love how simple and streamlined it looks. It provides easy access to your spices, looks fantastic, and can be made quite inexpensively. Assuming I am able to locate the jars I need, this will be my project for the week. Click on over and check out how simple it is to put together and how great it looks! I can't wait to replace my current disaster of a spice rack.

What are you working on this week?

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TexasBobbi said...

Purging and selling things on ebay.

lynette355 said...

cool idea....if you want shorter fatter jars i have tons of baby food jars that would work. if so let me know and you can have them....
i like the idea of using them like you would to hold screws and stuff but put spices in them and store under the cabinets on you know what i mean? where the lids are screwed into the underside of the cabinet?