School's Out for Summer...Maybe

27 May 2010

think of the kidsImage by Mr Tickle - Wachoo Wachoo Tribe Congressman via Flickr

I wrote last year about the early release program offered by the local school district. If the kids pass the state mandated TAKS test, they are released about two weeks earlier than everyone else. This year, the test scores were delayed, so I figured the kids would be in school until they arrived. Wrong! A week ago, the school released all the students and sent them home with a letter explaining that if the results came back and your children had failed, you would have to bring them back immediately. It caused major problems for a lot of families, as they scrambled to find childcare. I was just not prepared to have the kids home yet, didn't have food ready, things like that. Here we are a week later and still no TAKS scores. So, the kids have started their summer filled with dread that they might have to go back to school for another week and Mom started summer vacation completely unprepared. Oh well! Let the choruses of "I'm bored!" begin!

Are your kids out for summer break yet?


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lynette355 said...

yes my "kid" is out....ha ha....I am glad to have College Girl home. I know your not ready but your kiddos love being with you. My worry is they will pop up to grannies only to be told to come back!

TexasBobbi said...

What the heck kind of planning is that? The school is very messed up.