Help! 911!

03 August 2010
As my regular readers know, I live in a very small town. One of the things my pal Lynette and I look forward to weekly is reading the police dispatch log. You would not believe some of the things people call the police about. Recently there has been a squirrel in a kitchen, a tumbleweed rolling down the road, possibly stolen cattle, and my personal favorite "dark waves". These items always make us giggle. Imagine how surprised I was when I had to make my own strange call for help today.

It all started when I took Pebbles out in the back yard first thing this morning. I was on the phone with my mother-in-law when I heard rustling in the tree above me. I looked up and initially thought I was looking at a snake, which had me completely freaked out. Then I thought I was seeing a opossum tail, but neither explanation seemed to look like what I was seeing. Do you see it?

I was really curious as to what I was seeing, so I walked around to get a better view. That's when I saw this.
Did I mention that our English Pointer Shelby went missing yesterday afternoon? We spent hours looking for her and had decided she must have jumped the fence and gotten taken to doggie jail. The one place I never thought to look was 20 feet up in our giant pecan tree. Yes, that's exactly where she was. Her legs were stuck in a fork and she had been up there since about 4 yesterday afternoon. So, I called my husband and neighbors, having no idea what to.

Our extension ladder would not reach far enough. Lynette took hubby up to his work, where his boss thankfully loaned us a longer one. On the way home, Lynette saw a Verizon worker in a bucket truck and asked him to come help us. Unfortunately there was no way to get the bucket to the dog, but he was just as baffled as we were. He helped hubby get the longer ladder up there, but unfortunately, hubby's fear of heights and the dogs fear of being rescued were working against us. Mr. Verizon left, after taking several pics on his phone, wishing us luck. We then gave up and called the dispatcher, but the fire department was going to be awhile, due to being out on a call. I was getting really worried at this point.

Enter Michelle, a friend from across the street who is both tall and not afraid of heights. We fashioned a sling out of a bed sheet and up she went.

This is a 28 foot extension ladder. Michelle was halfway down when I took this pic. Thanks to our hero Michelle, Shelby is back on the ground and doing fine. It was a really weird morning.


lynette355 said...

Shelby the bird dog......but she is taking it too far now. Really, looking at a nest in a tree. This doggie should be with a hunter as she takes her job quite serious. So happy to have Shelby on the ground and no one hurt. But going to laugh my ass off at the police beat. Item # blah blah Dog in Tree!


lynette355 said...

had to add my own post to go with yous

lfhpueblo said...

I see a Disney Children's movie being born out of Shelby's English Pointer Exploits and this being one of the climax's near the end of the movie.
Just kiddin,
but I think it could be made into a children's book, why you shouldn't climb trees unsupervised by an adult.
Just an idea.

Angelia Sims said...

I can NOT believe that! How in the world did she get up there?? Wow!
So glad your hero friend saved her. What a story!

erin said...

I am with Angelie - how did she get in the tree?

Becca said...

What a crazy story!! I think this even beats my story of when my dog "broke" my sister's window screen and jumped out her 2nd story window!

Kristin said...

What a story--that is crazy! How's the dog doing now? Staying away from trees?1 :)