Mushy Mommy

02 September 2010
I just read Fire and Mush, a fantastic post over on Megan's blog. You really should go check out what makes her fired up and what makes her mushy. The post got me to thinking about what makes me mushy. There was talk of books that turn us to goo and the book Love You Forever immediately came to mind. I first read this book in child development in high school. It made me cry then and has made me cry every time I've read it since then. It is truly a beautiful book.

What book turns you into a babbling pile of goo?


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Midwinter Graces said...

Oh, my goodness, every time I read Beautiful Joe by Marshall Saunders, I'm a pile of goo and require kleenex. My mom gave me a tattered hardcover copy when I was a little girl (and I mean the threads of the binding were the only thing holding this book together), I read it once and fell in love. Animal stories get me every time.

Amazon's Description, "Saunders' most famous novel Beautiful Joe, tells the true story of dog that has had a difficult puppyhood with many obstacles including a cruel owner. It is told from the dog's point of view. When the book was published, both the book and its subject received worldwide attention. It was the first Canadian book to sell over a million copies, and by the late 1930s had sold over seven million copies worldwide."