The Way We Were

27 September 2011
Cover of "The Way We Were (Special Editio...Cover of The Way We Were (Special Edition)My Mom got me hooked on classic films from a very early age. I laughed with Tracy & Hepburn, fought the bad guys with the Duke, and cried with Deborah Kerr. I have always found classic films comforting. They are so different than modern movies. Now, Ash and I can curl up on a Saturday afternoon with Maureen O'Hara and lose ourselves for a few hours.

Lately my insomnia has come back with a vengeance. I've not slept in over 48 hours at this point. My body is exhausted, but my mind just won't stop. So, I popped in a movie. Why I chose The Way We Were is beyond me. I couldn't watch it without crying the first time I saw it. Considering my lack of sleep and the life altering events of the past few months, this was a recipe for disaster. So, I sit her sobbing into my tissue to write this post. This is an amazing movie and if you've not seen it, do so. Quickly! Just keep a hankie handy.

What's your go-to classic flick?


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lynette355 said...

My favs are strong women movies, Victor/Victoria, Wit, Fried Green Tomatoes