Questionable Endings

08 June 2012
What are you most looking forward to on your summer reading list? I've seen a lot of new bestsellers on the top of many reading lists this month. I too am looking forward to several great books this summer, but none so much as Questionable Endings Trilogy Book One Gabriel and Ethan.


Kings and queens will rise and fall. Gabriel Alistair, a pawn bound to a King for eternity is transferred to a new world where he will make a deal that will change everyone's lives forever. A web of betrayal, deceit, lies and secrets will have you guessing if the pawn will checkmate the King or will the King finally rise.

Sounds good, right? Check out the trailer!

Tell me what you think. Does it suck you in the way it does me? Share your opinions folks! Next week I'll have a teaser chapter for you to read. Excited? I am!

To stay up to date on Questionable Endings, follow the author @AETeller on Twitter and check out the trilogy's blog.

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