Then and Now

07 September 2012
Do you ever have those moments where you think "When did I become a grown up?" Little Miss acts like I was her age when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. We constantly have the "Mom, things have changed since then" conversation. Am I really that old? Some things have and others not so much.

Much has changed since I was her age. When I was 12, almost 13, we didn't have cell phones. No Internet. There were no iPads. I still have cassette tapes I bought that year. It's funny what you remember; I can recall so much of my sixth grade and junior high years with startling clarity.

This would be me and my best friend Melly.

That was me back then. Melly is still one of my closest friends over 20 years later. When I pointed out we'd been friends that long she shushed me. I can tell you were we hung out, what we did for fun (think watching Grease, slumber parties, and cruising the "drag" when someone's older siblings could be talked into taking our dorky selves). I remember who we were friends with and what boys we liked. None of that is so different from my daughter now. Well, minus a few things. I guess my point is girls at that age are pretty much the same then and now.

In an effort to find some middle ground with my child, I tried music. Music is amazing and something tween girls enjoy, right? So, I hit her with something tween me and Little Miss have in common. Boy bands.


Now, I didn't play her this video, something I am glad of... what are they WEARING? But, when I played the song she scrunched up her nose and gave me that look tweens give that says "Really?".



Um... well, a boy band is a boy band I guess. Do I love these kids? No. I am also singing the song while I type. Maybe the music things wasn't the best idea ever.

I was simply trying to let her know that I do get it. Then and now there are mean girls, cliques, the geeks, the jocks, the haves, and the have nots. You want to be smart enough, pretty enough, athletic enough, popular enough. It's not an easy age. I am so amazingly proud of Little Miss that she handles most of the challenges of her age with incredible poise. And when things get rough, I try to help as best I can.

Do you remember your junior high years? What stands out in your mind? How do you help your kiddos this age navigate the rough waters of adolescence?


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Yeah mom so true about me...