Shemar Moore + Pintrest + Foxes = Weird Weekend

17 October 2012
 I was on the phone with one of my best friends, E. She was outside as she often is when we talk on the phone. We were chatting about everything and nothing, our usual conversation, when she says "There's a fox coming right at me".
English: American Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes fulvu...
English: American Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes fulvus), near Rideau River, Ottawa, Ontario (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Before I could even get words out, she was being attacked by said fox. E was so calm, her voice never even rose. I on the other hand was shrieking into the phone. Clearly, I am not the best in a crisis. It all happened so fast, it was crazy. E spent a few hours in the ER, tweeting pics and tales of the whole adventure. She is an amazing person, I swear nothing rattles her. apparently the same fox attacked a few other people around her area that night. Now she has a few weeks of rabies shots to look forward to, along with hobbling around on a cane in her soft cast. The little bugger nearly severed her Achilles. E is a trooper though; I don't know many people who would have handled the incident with such grace and humor.

This was the somewhat strange end to an awesome weekend for me and Little Miss. Our neighbor, Lenore of Crazed Mind, invited us to the lake to house-sit with her. It was a blissful weekend of doing nothing. We watched tons of TV, indulged in the Pintrest diet, and .just had a very chill few days. I am very thankful to Lenore for letting us tag along. Good company, Shemar Moore on the tube, and decadent meals like Nutella & banana french toast... does it get any better than that?

I should have magically teleported E to the lake for the weekend for laziness and indulgence. It would have been a much nicer weekend for her.



Mary Ann said...

Thank heavens she's getting rabies shots, that almost certainly sounds like a sick fox!

lynette355 said...

Always a totally indulgent time at the lake. I lazed around an read in the spa tub the night y'all left. Oh, my back felt so good afterwards! That and drank a ton of "cleaning supplies"! LOL