08 January 2013
English: Chemical structure of Caffeine. Franç...
English: Chemical structure of Caffeine. Français : Structure chimique de la caféine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The minute my eyes fly open in the morning it is one of my first thoughts. Getting dressed takes too long, as does the walk through the quiet house. Time seems to crawl by as I prepare the things I will need. I stare fascinated as the machine does it's thing, transfixed by the sight and amazing aroma filling the room. Licking over my lips I am unable to take it anymore. The dark brew fills my Star Wars mug, sweet white liquid is added with a touch of sugar, a good stir given and I take my first sip. A low moan of satisfaction passes my lips and I am ready to face the day.

Okay, that might have been a little dramatic, but it's true nonetheless. I have a hardcore coffee problem.    Coffee is my morning addiction, but I have a caffeine problem, period. This is something I am trying to get a handle on. Not so much the coffee, but the soda. Though I am hopelessly addicted to my morning libation, I am convinced it's not as bad for me as the soda I crave midday. So with the new year came a goal of cutting way back on sodas and so far it's going well. As for coffee... As a friend put it "You can't quit coffee, that's crazy talk!" One thing at a time and honestly, I LOVE my coffee. I don't see the sense of going to crazy with the giving stuff up here. I mean, see that chemical structure illustration up there? I have it on a t-shirt. Me and caffeine are besties.

The problem is, lately I wake up feeling hungover. No, I'm not having wild all nighters, but I'm dehydrating because I don't drink nearly enough water. I know I'm not the only one guilty of this. In an effort to combat this problem I am making myself drink two glasses of water for every cup of coffee I drink, along with trying to get in the normal 8 glasses of water a day. Sounds easy enough, but I really don't like water. But, I like the pounding headaches and cottonmouth even less. Hopefully upping my water intake with make a difference.

What about you? Are you are hardcore coffee addict like me? Is getting in your water a struggle for you?


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