Come On Get Happy Tunes

14 January 2014
I read an article not long ago about how certain songs can change our mood. There's no doubt that some songs can take us back to a specific event; I Cross My Heart by George Strait is still a no go for me because of this. Then there's ones that bring a tear to the eye; Against All Odds makes me cry every time simply because of the raw emotion. But, the whole idea of this article was that if you listen to only music that makes you smile or has a positive memory attached to it for a certain amount of time, I think it was two weeks, that your move would consistently improve. Since I'm all about the upbeat and happy this week, I thought I'd try putting together my own playlist and give it a try. It took a lot of thought, but here it is several hours and 50 songs later. It's random as heck, but each song brings a smile.

What are your top feel good songs?

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