Drink Your Breakfast - Five Yummy Smoothie Recipes

21 January 2014

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I'm drinking a lot of smoothies for breakfast lately. Let's be real here, I'm drinking a lot of smoothies for most meals because there are far too many days lately that chewing just isn't possible. My teeth, I can't even explain. Although not eating seemed like a great option to me, the light headedness and lethargy brought on by doing so didn't make working a whole lot of fun. So, smoothies were my answer. Energy, protein, calcium, and no chewing involved!

You don't really need a recipe for a smoothie, you can pretty much throw anything into a blender and make something great. You know, within reason. I wouldn't toss is frozen salmon, yogurt, and peaches for instance. But, you can have a lot of fun being creative and coming up with your own signature concoctions. I like to play around with it, but I do here are a few recipes I've used as is and have played around with too. Good stuff in a cup I tell you!

Tip: I peel, slice, and freeze bananas in small freezer bags. If a recipe calls for banana or is a smoothie recipe banana would work in, I always use frozen banana slices instead of ice. It gives it more flavor while thickening the smoothie.

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