Music, The Girl, and Me aka I Must Confess

03 January 2014
Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran (Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer)
This isn't all that juicy, but sort of embarrassing. I'm 35 years old and actually like some of the music my 14 year old listens to. Yes, I said it out loud. Typed it. whatever. It's true. I actually like it. I'm not talking about a case of you hear it so many times that the next thing you know you're singing That'sWhat Makes You Beautiful while folding laundry. (As an aside, that has happened, but I don't like those boys. No, no, no!) I mean truly like it. Does this make me crazy?

For instance, Taylor Swift. I dig Taylor Swift. There are some songs I cannot handle because of massive overplay on the radio, but some of it is great. 22. It's my jam. Yep, I said it. I turn it up in the car and sing my head off while The Boy rolls his eyes and plugs his ears and The Girl looks on in horror. I can't help it, it makes me feel 22. This singing phenomenon gets worse when you get me in the car with my friends because we all apparently like to feel 22. I thought this made us cool. Perhaps not.

Ed Sheeran I found before The Girl did. Go me! Him I like. Loads. I'd go see him in concert anyday. The dude can just melt me. I hope that's not creepy.

What is creepy is that I lave a One Direction song on my phone. The Girl and I listened to it yesterday. Multiple times in a row. Until I could tell her which dude was singing which part. And I can now do this consistently. Not only is that creepy, but it gets worse. I like the song. Little Things. Again with the swoon inducing lyrics. I hope my daughter eventually finds a guy who loves her that way. I like Harry's voice the most. I also really think he needs to comb his hair. I cannot believe I'm typing this right now. I have clearly lost my mind.

It's really pretty good. Or I'm crazy. One of the two.


Do any of you listen to some of the same stuff your kids do?

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