That darn sweet tooth!

23 January 2014
I love sweets. I miss sweets. I crave sweets more than I can even begin to explain. Giving up smoking was easier on me than cutting out sugar. I'm sure this is one of the numerous reasons my teeth barely resemble teeth at present, but I digress. Sweets; they are little bits of heaven you can put in your mouth. Some thing taste so good that your mouth just explodes into happy fireworks. It's better than... use your imagination.

Because of my teeth, I don't make sweets often anymore. One little bite can send me jumping around, hissing curses because of the pain. Seriously, I can feel my jaw bone deteriorating as I write this, my teeth are jacked. But, occasionally I indulge. Below you will find my ever growing list of sweet indulgences. Some are tried and true, others are on my "I want you so bad, but it's gonna hurt a lot" list. It's an ever growing board. Are any of your favorites there? What is your favorite sweet treat?

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