The Power of a Kind Word

10 January 2014
Kindness in words creates confidence ...
Kindness in words creates confidence ... (Photo credit: symphony of love)
Today was craptastic to say the least. I lost another tooth at the gum line, the second this week. My little charge at work has pink eye, so I'm bracing for getting it myself. I ran out of gas when trying to get home tonight. I was just generally blah and not having a good night until everything turned around.

It's amazing how kind words from old friends can flip your mood. I went from being pretty down to laughing and smiling, a definite turn around. One friend I've known for twenty years, but haven't seen in ages reached out and was just an absolute doll. The other, a crazy friend of the past seven or eight years I guess, appeared at just the right time tonight too. Both of them said things that absolutely turned my night from gloomy to grand. Thank you both.

I think we don't realize sometimes how powerful a few kind words or just genuinely caring for others can do for them. Sure, we may not be able to solve all their problems, but you never know how one smile can completely brighten a day. It doesn't take much; a sincere smile, a how are you, or a thinking of you can do it. Words have great power, why not use it to reach out to someone you've not connected with in awhile or someone you know is struggling. You just might touch the life of one who really needs it.

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Unknown said...

IT is amazing how a simple random act of kindness can create a flood of positive. :D