The Perfect Cocktail Without the Guilt

20 February 2014

Here we are, nearly in March, and I know many of us are still struggling to get into the groove of our New Year's resolutions. One of the changes I wanted to make was leading a more balanced lifestyle after over indulging during the holidays. This change meant changing some habits, but it doesn't mean giving up all the things I enjoy. Personally, I've upped my water intake, am exercising more, writing in my journal, and trying to make small positive changes to my every day life. Sure, I miss some things, but I'm discovering you can change the way you do things rather than completely eliminating them altogether.

One thing I really enjoy, be it on girls' night out or relaxing in a bubble bath, is a nice cocktail. Fruity cocktails can pack quite a calorie punch, more so than I realized. I am not a liquor and water girl, I like the sugar stuff which is not great for those watching the calories. SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light Pineapple Coconut is a delicious vodka specialty that makes guilt free yet tasty cocktails possible because it has 25% fewer calories than the leading dessert inspired vodka! It's delightfully fruity, a delicious blend of pineapple and coconut, two of my favorite flavors!

I was sent the ingredients to make the two drinks below and I must admit I was skeptical. How good could a reduced calorie drink really be? I'm happy to report I was pleasantly surprised! I very much enjoyed the New Year New You, even though I am not a pomegranate fan. My hands down favorite was the Clean Slate though! The flavor reminds me very  much of a pina colada, but without the heavy creaminess. Both are light, refreshing, and flavorful! I've also found I enjoy SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light Pineapple Coconut straight up or in lemon-lime soda. I highly suggest grabbing a bottle and checking it out for yourself!

New Year, New You
1 oz. SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light Pineapple Coconut*
2 oz. Coconut water
1 oz. Pomegranate juice
Glassware: Water goblet glass
Garnish: Lime wheel or Pineapple wedge
Fill rocks glass with ice, add ingredients, stir and garnish

Blank Slate
1.5 oz. SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light Pineapple Coconut*
2 oz. coconut water
Glassware: Martini Glass
Garnish: Edible flower
Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass, add ice (or not), shake and strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish
* 25% FEWER CALORIES THAN THE LEADING DESSERT INSPIRED VODKA Product Review and/or Giveaway Disclosure- I have received no compensation other than the offer of free product to review and/or giveaway. Any opinions expressed on are my own. My reviews are never reviewed or edited in any way by sponsors.

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