Nightmares or What the Heck Is Wrong With My Sleeping Brain

02 March 2014
Starting when I was about 13 and continuing until several years ago I had the same recurring nightmare. It was always so vivid, I would shoot out of bed completely tormented. It bothered me for so many reasons. I was always in an insane amount of pain int he dream and it was just twisted.

What is the nightmare that gave me such fits? Someone was cut my teeth off with toenail clippers. No, not pulling them out completely, but cutting them off at the gum line. This was back before I had ever even had a cavity, so I have no idea why dental fears, let alone such twisted ones, plagued my subconscious. It's weird, gross, and makes me do a full body shudder just thinking about it. Stranger still, when my teeth started failing me, almost all of them broke at the gum line, just like in my dreams. I also find it odd that when my teeth did actually start going to pot, the dreams ceased. Thankfully, no one was snapping them off with instruments made to assist in pedicures. Why do our minds do such strange things?

Have you ever had recurring nightmares? If so what were they? Were they based on logical fears or crazy stuff like the ones that freaked me out for so long?

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